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30 March
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Hello, I am GEL, the self proclaimed World's Biggest Waku Waku 7 Fan, game collector/historian, and Professional Fanboy. I have been playing videogames since the day I was born, have a collection of over 50 videogame systems, and have personally devoted my life to videogaming.

I also enjoy anime and have an unhealthy obsession with bunnygirls...though quite frankly I have an unhealthy obsession with alot of things.

I also don't like porn. Good clean fanservice is great, but it seems so degrading when you see hentai of your favorite characters. More bouncing boobies, less penis please.

Oh, and in case you couldn't have guessed, I like slimes. Alot.

Well that's all, move along you lifeless internet hobo.
action rpgs, anime, arina, astra superstars, battle cheerleaders, beat 'em ups, bemani, bemani games, blobs, bloody roar, bob rafei, bug girls, bunnygirls, chibi-moon, chibi-usa, cowgirls, dancing games, draco centarus, dragon half, dungeon crawls, eurobeat, female gokus, female wu kongs, fighting street, final fantasy xii, galaxy fight, ganguro, geki, gelatinous critters, giant robots, goo girls, guild wars, guppi, hack n' slashes, ibuki, jak & daxter, jelly boy, jelly boy 2, jerry boy, joe, kawaii, keira, marl's kingdom, matt bozon, mecha, meep, meep!, meep., melona, mimiko, miyuki ayukawa, mr.do!, multiplayer rpgs, music games, natsumi, ninjas, non-bemani music games, nuan yuang, omfbg, one must fall: battlegrounds, ottsel tess, para para, phantasy star online, power quest, pso, puyo puyo, puyos, queen's blade, reiko nagase, retsu, reviewer bashing, rhapsody, roomi, ryoji, rythm games, shantae, short shorts, slimes, smart ball, son son, sonson, street fighter, street fighter 1, sunsoft, tess, tv games, twinkle star sprites, uriko, usagimimi, ushimimi, video game history, video game reviews, video games, videogame history, videogame reviews, videogames, viera, vieras, waku waku 7, we cheer, we cheer 2, wu kong girls