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14th-Feb-2013 09:58 pm - Happy Reiko Nagase's Birthday!
Smart Ball
Woah, been a while since I posted here...yeah I've been busy. Mostly, believe it or not, working on that article/episode I talked about LAST time! Having said that, I've been updating the GameBabble blog more frequently:


I hope you all are as excited about Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds as I am!


*ahem* ANYWAY!

Happy Reiko Nagase's Birthday! Obviously Namco hasn't shown any new Ridge Racers recently so it has been mostly quiet but Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires comes out in a few weeks and they just released a character creation demo! As such...

Woo custom Reiko! Apparently you can upload and download other people's characters too so when the full thing hits you all can have her too! As for the outfit? Yeah they don't have a White color and I really wanted her in a sleeveless number.

Well anyway, I'm sick and stuff so I'll just be over here. :P
5th-Jul-2012 08:30 pm - Sexism discussion is in the air!
Fighting Genesis of Vengeance
Is it just me or is the discussion of sexism in the air? No, seriously. It's becoming an increasingly common topic with each passing day. I just keep bumping into discussion of it. Shoot, two people got fired from their jobs due to comments of varying sexist-ality on Twitter!

I THINK I found the root of most of this: Tropes vs Women in Videogames.

Basically there's a YouTube channel called Feminist Frequency that did a series called Tropes vs Women and now wants to do a videogame based series. Problem was, she used Kickstarter to earn money and earned a ridiculous amount and well...that caused backlash.

And now everyone can't stop talking about sexism in videogames!

This is actually a subject that's very important to me. See, as a kid, me and my older sister were always allowed to rent one thing each. I'd get a game and my sister would get an anime But I realized if I could find a game with a female character, I could get TWO new games to play that week! So I became VERY well acquainted with the girls of the 16-bit era...of which there were quite a few. They're a HUGE part of my childhood! So...you know...being told that they don't matter or having them be completely ignored is kind of a THING to me.

Well I figured I'd throw my hat into the ring and try to write an article on it and I watched TONS and TONS of videos and read a bunch of articles on Sexism, Feminism, all sorts of shit with peoplke varying from Feminists, to ranting crazy people, to just...fucking EVERYONE. Every damn opinion I could get. It made me fucking dizzy!

Well I learned one very important thing: I am COMPLETELY unqualified to talk about sexism (250 hours in Rumble Roses XX, 60 hours in DOAX, another 60 in DOAX2, Gal*Gun on both 360 and PS3 with DLC, and the only positive reviews of Oneechanbara and Blades of Time on the internet, also just beat Oneechanbara Z Kagura). Not EVEN gonna try! ...and yet WOW do I have opinions...ON the opinions!

I've spent the past few weeks TRYING to solidify this into a coherent article for the blog but it just isn't working. This shit is INSANT FLAMEWAR BAIT and is a VERY touchy and complex subject that brings up VERY PERSONAL and incredibly varied opinions so I need to tread carefully in a more public context. However, I just now realized that the LJ is a good place to just let it out. Throw what I have at a wall and see what people say...mostly Baines.

First of all, to any Feminists out there, PRAISE SOMETHING! Find SOME kind of positive example! ANYTHING! Seriously, almost all I can find is complaints and indeed there's plenty to complain about, but that's ALL I can find! When all you do is complain, it doesn't give developers much to work with. ESPECIALLY because all the complaints run together and give the impression that you're utterly unpleaseable! At this point it seems what they want is a Female character who is clearly female but isn't sexualized and is strong without resorting to violence while simultaneously being equal to the men but NOT being the same as the men as that would just make her a man with boobs, she has to act feminine without falling into a female gender role but she can't fall into a male gender role either and...you DO all realize that's completely impossible, right?

That's the big thing I realized. You can't please everybody, you can't please a group, and Feminists are a GROUP of people. Like any group, each and every one of them has their own tastes and opinions and as such you can't please 'em all. I know some women have no problems with a character being sexy as long as she's competent and a well developed interesting character, while other have their problems ENTIRELY with the characters being too sexy or with them using violence. Meanwhile others still WANT their characters to be insanely sexy and use their sexuality as a weapon!

Anyone remember when Bayonetta was being called the best female character in videogames...or THE ONLY FEMALE CHARACTER IN VIDEOGAMES as that dipshit MovieBob/Game Overthinker once said. (Oh yeah, I'm STILL mad!)

On a similar token, men need to shut up about sexism in videogames. Seriously, someone was pointing to the "hundreds" or articles on the subject and they were all written by men. The issue here is that men take things too far and major publications sensationalize things. I mean seriously, anyone that brings up Custer's Revenge in discussion is an idiot. That game was never relevant, no one liked it, no one got off to it. It's an ancient curiosity that existed entirely as a gimmick. The issue is that since men aren't offended by any of this REALLY, they exaggerate shit and go too far and don't know what the boundaries of "acceptable" and "unacceptable" are and the result is that they add to the feeling that feminists just CAN'T be pleased!

My point is, say SOMETHING positive. Even if it has negative shit with it. I read some articles about how pro-feminist Sailor Moon is and about the positive aspects of the Disney Princesses. They still complained about the outfits or certain things about the Disney movies, but rhey still praised SOMETHING! Saying "This character would be great is she just wore a sweater" is FAR more productive and less irritating than "All female videogame characters are awful, here's why!".

Know what's really funny? I know a girl that LOVES the Hyperdimension Neptunia series. The games currently being held up as THE MOST HORRIBLE MISOGYNIST GAMES ON THE MARKET!!! And this girl likes them. She's even teamed up with another girl to make a Left 4 Dead mod that puts the characters into the game. Why? Why does she like the game? Because the characters are cute and the writing is funny.

Yeah, I ain't gonna call those games the best representation of women or anything, what with how they exploit their characters sometimes. Lots of tentacles and lesbians and whatnot. But at the same time, everyone complaining about them is doing it at face value. They see scantily clad underaged girls and immidiately begin calling foul without knowing what's actually inside.

Similarly, I doubt anyone will complain about Blades of Time because Ayumi is a FUCKING IDIOT and a TERRIBLE CHARACTER but rather because of her skimpy attire and her "infantilizing" pigtails.

...and if I hear ONE MORE PERSON bring up Lollipop Chainsaw as being so horribly sexist I'm gonna punch them in the jaw.

And NO ONE is gonna mention Ar Tonelico 1, the ONE GAME that I found to be horrifyingly offensive and sexist. The game that made ME, Mr.250 Hours of Rumble Roses, uncomfortable.

Know what's even better? No one is gonna bring up WET in this discussion. Ever.

But yeah, so I've been working of an episode on pre-Croft game heroines and started making a list and...WOW! There's a LOT of female videogame characters! Like, this list doesn't even count RPGs and Fighters, which almost universally have a number of female characters. I'm JUST looking at games with female leads and there's a LOT! ...weirdly there was an EXPLOSION of them in 1985. Like...that's the starting point. It was Ms.Pac-Man then Girl's Garden then BAM! 1985! Baraduke, Flash Gal, Wonder Momo, Ninja Princess, Typhoon Gal, Time Gal...1985 was the fucking YEAR of the Gals! Kinda crazy!

It's at THAT point you realize...there's actually a shockingly large amount of female characters in videogames! There ALWAYS has been since the mid-80s! I mean I'd probably say something like 1 in every 5 playable videogame characters are female! Sure it's not the over 50% of the actual real world population but that's pretty darn good for a male dominated medium like this.

The problem is, NO ONE knows about them! For some reason it seems ALL games with female characters are destined for obscurity even when they're really good! Alisia Dragoon has ALWAYS garnered much praise and yet it's NEVER brought up in discussion! What about El Viento? Or the Valis series? Positive OR negative, no one ever brings them up! Shoot, even today with WET this continues! Who brings up WET in discussion like...ever? It's fucking madness!

So...in a weird twist...as unqualified as I am to talk about sexism in videogames, everyone else is unqualified to talk about women in videogames! THEY DON'T KNOW ANY!

So, really, I have one question on my mind. One question that is bothering the fuck out of me. Is this sexist:

Seriously. Is Alisia Dragoon a decent representation of women in videogames? Or is the outfit too skimpy? Or is the game too violent? Or is there not enough dialogue to give the character a personality? Is she just a "man with boobs"?

I think each person will give me a different response.

Also, can I just say that I am HORRIBLY offended by the growing frequency of the term "man with boobs"? The idea being that if a female character doesn't do something that makes her distinctly feminine, she's just a model swapped dude? Because, really, you're telling me that making a female character that is COMPLETELY EQUAL TO HER MALE COUNTERPARTS IN EVERY WAY is somehow sexist?! What's more that she doesn't even COUNT as a female character?! Fuck you. No, really, fuck you.

Also, it needs to be said, the backlash against the new Tomb Raider amuses me. See, I find it fascinating and perhaps even disturbing that 3 of the most boob-tastic game series have tried to tone it down: Soul Calibur, DOA, and Tomb Raider. But each one is utterly botching it! SCV is getting shit because while it ditched the busty older cast, they've been replaced by their daughters while the men get to keep aging. DOA is just plain sending mixed messages. But Tomb Raider?! Oh lord...

See, I want you to find the Extra Credit episode on Female Videogame Characters. Watch it. That episode is fucking ridiculous. It gives such stringent and explicit instructions on how EXACTLY to do a good female character and nothing else will suffice. Now look at the new Tomb Raider. My VERY FIRST THOUGHT when I saw that game was that they were trying to follow that Extra Credit episode TO THE LETTER...which is awkward. Rebooting fucking Tomb Raider to make Lara Croft into a less sexualized and strong female videogame character? Umm...okay. A bit awkward but okay. Then the newest trailer hits and thanks to a near rape scene EVERYONE seems to now be calling it even MORE sexist and that opinion has colored their perception of the entire rest of the game! It's HILARIOUS! The game tried SO HARD to make Lara Croft into that perfect female videogame character and all they got for their troubles is wanton backlash and hate!

I'm not saying the new Tomb Raider isn't the next Other M. I'm just saying that what they were TRYING to do and the result are kind of hilarious...and a damn shame. It's shit like this that prevents us from having the original female lead in Black Lotus/True Crime: Hong Kong/Sleeping Dogs. I'm starting to wonder if all this hair splitting about female characters won't get to the point where people just say "You know what, it's not fucking worth it" and results in LESS female videogame characters.

...and don't try to tell me "But sex sells". In videogames, it doesn't. Not always. Many people actively avoid games that are explicitly sexy under the opinion that if a game is sexy then it must not have good gameplay. So...yeah...

There you go. You may now proceed to have a flamewar and tear me a new asshole. Me? I've gotta figure out how a game where HOMING LIGHTNING is your regular attack can be SO FUCKING HARD!
1st-Jul-2012 12:50 pm - Tweet tweet!
Smart Ball
If anyone cares, I've decided to start tweeting. Why? Because I can use Trillian to tweet and thus basically just scream random crap at the world. I.E. I'm IMing the ENTIRE INTERNET XD

29th-Jun-2012 05:18 am - Gaming with GEL - Kinectathon!
Roper Dance!!!
Well I just uploaded FOUR freaking Gaming with GEL chunklets! Why? Because I had the time and energy to play a random smattering of odd Kinect games.


First, I played Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor again. According to GameFAQs, there's a way to make the controls work and so I tried it. The result...was an improvement...I guess.

Then I play Let's Cheer! because people keep asking me about it, thinking it might be the Kinect equivalent of We Cheer. It's not.

Next I indulge in the bane of Angry Joe's existance, Sonic Free Riders! Yeah it's...not bad. Not GREAT, but not bad.
Weird how being one of the better looking Kinect launch titles was actually that poor game's greatest downfall. No, seriously. I think most of the hate it got was from people who played it as their first non-dancing, non-mini-game Kinect title and were not yet aware of the Kinect's limitations.

But Lastly, I play the chromakey-tastic Kung-Fu High Impact, the sequel to "the best Kinect game that's not on Kinect", Kung-Fu Live. It's very Nick Arcade.
So...I tried the Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor demo...

...yeah, anyone that says "using the Kinect in tandem with a regular controller is a good idea" is an idiot! The result is even WORSE than expected! EGAD! This game doesn't even FUNCTION!
Blip TV version:

YouTube parts 1 & 2:

...or if you wanna skip the Tutorial crap and just get to the good part, here's Part 3:

Yeah...so...I won't be buying that game...
So I was browsing around the internet and...apparently Namco got themselves their own webcomic hub called ShiftyLook where they post webcomics based on old Namco games. Strangest of all is that one of them is Wonder Momo.

A Wonder Momo webcomic made for America called Wonder Momo: Battle Idol. Why? Why would you do that?! Who the fuck gives a shit about Wonder Momo other than me?! It's generally considered a shit game and disgusts most people that look at it...mostly because they don't get the joke (the entire game is a parody of the Otaku culture).

It's also completely wrong. I'm TRYING to put my finger on how best to DESCRIBE what's wrong with it, but it's definitely wrong. I mean the main character doesn't even have the right name! The issue mostly seems to stem from the fact that they're a bunch of sentai fanboys that managed to COMPLETELY miss the Magical Girl element of Wonder Momo...which is just as important as the sentai element in many ways. It's where the Momo comes from afterall!

It's a bit of a shame too as I was personally thinking of how one would handle a new Wonder Momo game for a while and the plot they have isn't TOO far off from what I was thinking of. Just...they lept into the "Wonder Momo becomes a real heroine" plot waaaaaaaaay too fast without establishing her as an actress. (For the record, I imagined the game as a fusion of the original game and a management simulation. Audition actresses, train them in singing, acting, and fighting, arrange the stage show, then put on the show)

I'll give it time though. I mean, they just started and with a few tweaks they could easily make this more accurate. Just write Momoko off as a different actress doing the same stage show and...well...get to the Wonder Momo stage show as opposed to this Ultrastar Ranger thing.

Or, you know, I could just accept it as an AU. I'd say "like Nuku Nuku Dash", but that would just be MEAN! XD It's not like any other comic on the site is particularly faithful to the source material anyway. Artistic license abnounds.

Besides, the very EXISTENCE of this thing blows my mind it IS an officially licensed Wonder Momo comic and I just think it would be rude of me NOT to read it. I mean I'm PROBABLY the only person that gives a shit! XD ESPECIALLY right now in this time of extreme anti-weeaboo backlash. I DOUBT this will turn into another Adam Warren's Dirty Pair (I will never NOT be mad about that (though I do like Empowered. He does good work.)).

I wonder if they'll remember that Wonder Momo is playing the part of a little girl (the CHARACTER of Wonder Momo comes from "Planet Lolicon". Seriously.). I think is part of the joke. Like when actors in their late 20s play highschoolers on TV. It could probably add to the humor too :P

You can find the webcomic here:

You can watch some of the most BADASS WONDER MOMO ACTION EVER here:

They SERIOUSLY need to give her a real Queen's Gate book (even if I'm not a fan of this particular artist).

What's more...I just found out Wonder Momo appeared in ANOTHER game! Pro-Yakyuu Famista 2011 on the 3DS...along with Reiko Nagase! :D

Speaking of Queen's Blade though...MAI WAIFU IS BACK!

*phew* Was getting worried! With Ymir wielding a bottle of Melona goo, people were speculating that they actually offed her! Good to see she made it...and promptly got revenge on Ymir XD Can't wait to see what new tricks she has up her sleeve as well as her eventual appearance in the new anime.

EDIT: Wow! Melona actually SHOWED UP in the latest Rebellion episode! Didn't expect to see her so soon...and she was secretly in Rebellion THE WHOLE TIME! XD Wow she really IS the animator's favorite, huh?

Also, Suchie-Pai just got added to Queen's Gate. Complete with Kenichi Sonoda art! Fingers crossed Milky Pai follows suit! XD
14th-Jun-2012 09:34 pm - GameBabble - E3 2012
Smart Ball
A Very GEL recap of E3 2012:

Blip version:

YouTube version:

Also I JUST realized I didn't post the latest Gaming with GEL here: WE CHEER 2! XD
14th-Jun-2012 03:39 am - Lollipop Chainsaw!
Smart Ball
So yeah, picked up Lollipop Chainsaw the other day. The verdict? Best SUDA51 game since Shining Soul II.

No, seriously. Much as I like the concept, characters, and writing of SUDA51's games, the gameplay is consistently lacking and usually features some horribly irritating gimmick that wrecks the game. Killer 7 almost needs no explanation, No More Heroes had the bullshit jobs and the combat was really nothing special (and the sequel was just depressing), Shadows of the Damned has the fucking darkness puzzles and HORRIBLE boss battles (seriously, they're like the poster child for "shitty modern bosses" and perfectly explain why Ninja Blade's bosses are so vastly superior via contrast), Diabolical Pitch plays itself up until the endgame where it just becomes unplayable, Contact had fucking MMO combat, Samurai Champloo: Side-Tracked had shit presentation and shallow combat...yeah NOT a fan of the actual GAME parts of his games.

Lollipop Chainsaw? It's a hack n' slash. Straightforward hack n' slash with solid stage design and a few mini-games for variety. The combat starts shallow but gets better as you start to unlock more moves and get the hang of dodging and stunning and the mini-events spice things up.

The unlocking system is brilliant. Gold Medals are spent on earning upgrades while Platinum Medals are spent on unlocking outfits and art and stuff. Thus you can upgrade your character without slowing the clothing unlocking progression. Also there are a TON of outfits that you unlock from playing the game.

I hear it's short and I believe it (middle of Stage 4 right now. Looks to be the half-way point.), but the game is supposed to change significantly on higher difficulties and there's plenty to find and unlock.

ALSO! Sidenote! Stages are loooooooong but you CAN continue from the most recent checkpoint! Just that you have to exit out to the main menu to do it. Clicking the stage again will cause you to restart it but with all your current unlock progress.

So yeah, basically I'd call it the best game SUDA51 has made that's SUDA51y. Fuck the reviewers claiming "We know Grasshopper can do better". No. They can't.

Long story short: Game is Awesome.
5th-Jun-2012 03:29 am - E3 Posts!
Smart Ball
Well E3 is here and I'm recovering from a bad illness. Regardless I've been posting things to the GameBabble Blog with the mission statement of highlighting all the games no one cares about! So Sports Champions 2 was a great starting point!

From there I found out HOLY CRAP! Dust: An Elysium Tail is ACTUALLY COMING OUT! If you don't know, Elysium Tail is a now 12 year old dream movie project of Dean Dodrill, the artist behind Jazz Jackrabbit. Dust: An Elysium Tail is...basically what happened after he played Odin Sphere near as I can tell! XD An AWESOME looking side scrolling action spin-off from his movie. It looks pretty damn incredible:

Thankfully, Ida, I think it's getting a PC release too. I *THINK*.

Also, Code of Princess *IS* coming to the US courtesy of Atlus! I dunno if I made a post about that or not but it's basically Guardian Heroes on 3DS, complete with the "Every Single Monster and Townsperson" versus mode, AND 4-player online co-op! Infact, Silicon Era claims it's FROM some of the Guardian Heroes team!

Coming this fall!

Of course you can hit my blog for more videos and in-depth rambling on the subject:

Perhaps I'll do a post about why I don't care about the big name announcements sometime too XD
1st-Jun-2012 12:27 pm - Gaming with GEL - Sorcery
Smart Ball
Well the Move got it's first (and probably only) full fledged Move exclusive motion controlled game. How is it? Take a look!
You have NO CLUE how much of a struggle getting this thing to work was. The live action file recorded fine, but it wouldn't copy to my main PC and Adobe Premiere kept locking up! GAH!
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