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30th-May-2012 02:27 am - The Best thing from Ultima
Roper Dance!!!
So Spoony just started his Ultima 9 review. Of course, to me Ultima means exactly ONE game: Ultima Exodus on NES, the most awesomely Japanese-ified rendition of Ultima ever with hot pink haired Paladins with heart shields, Fighters that look like Gundams, and some hella badass Rangers.

Makes sense as Ultima 3 was a HEAVY HEAVY inspiration when it came to the shape of the JRPG so of course it's the one that recieved the Japanese brand overhaul on NES. Oh Ultima IV did too but it's not as awesome as Ultima 3 was to me.

So yeah, THIS is probably the best thing ever to come out of Ultima for me:

Practically moves me to tears...if you're not familiar:

Smart Ball
Well THIS took me longer to post than it should have! XD (I actually posted this to Blip Wednesday...) Yes, I got a Cabela's game. It's...not what you'd expect.

2nd-May-2012 07:34 pm - FUGLINESS!
Smart Ball
WOW Fable Heroes is UGLY! Not because of the awkward visual design choice (cel-shaded sackboy?!), but because of HOW they handled it. The game TRIES to be bright and colorful, but there's SO MUCH sloppy black outlining that the game becomes awkwardly dark...with splotches of bright color. It's REALLY fucking weird. Somehow this manages to make it look like a standard definition game run through a shitty video cable to an HD TV. It's a mess.

Speaking of which though, the SSX DLC that makes the game not suck came out! Yup, it does indeed add retro versions of the characters as well as a new mountain made of not-suck! However, now that I've actually BOUGHT the game, so many other flaws are apparent. Like how the game CLAIMS to have an "Explore" mode but does not let you explore, or how all the "outfits" are literally just pallet swaps. Stranger still? I wish they had straight ported the character models from SSX 3 because...SOMEHOW...the new models actually look WORSE than the previous generation's character models. Just amazing. Yeah, SSX Tricky and SSX 3 completely demolish the new game in every conceivable way except controls (which are good and slightly better than the old controls). But that still makes it the 3rd best SSX. It's clear the programmers are competent, just the design staff should never be let near an SSX game ever again.
30th-Apr-2012 09:41 pm - Help! Piracy Required!
Smart Ball
Okay! That tears it! Just got back from ACen, had a fun time, but WOW do I need me a DS flash cart. Maybe I posted about this already, I dunno, but does ANYONE know a decent reputable place to get one from? Because seriously, I *NEED* to play this fan translation of SaGa 2 and an emulator just won't cut it.

Seriously. Need.

Roper Dance!!!
Hey! Who likes watching me make an ass of myself on camera? Because this weekend I rented Kinect Star Wars and recorded nearly every second of my experience with it in a 4 hour long picture-in-picture Gaming With GEL-athon!

Also I did this test run of how I was going to record it with the Power-Up Heroes Demo:

ANYWAY! You can watch it in 4 hour long segments on Blip.tv or 16 shorter segments on YouTube!
17th-Apr-2012 12:29 am - Sherlock DANfan!
Smart Ball
This comic is only going to make sense to one person reading this.
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13th-Apr-2012 02:24 am - Skullgirls Inadvertant Review!
Smart Ball
So with my Post-A-Day plan on my blog, and my mind currently occupied by Skullgirls, I figured I'd post first impressions and screaming about the fandom. Problem was, last night my annoyance at the fans was so high I couldn't function! (I did not get a 3.5 out of 5 that night)


So, diving into it today with my thoughts more collected it...well it turned into a 3000 word post that discusses every element of the game so...FUCK IT! Here's a score we'll call it a review!

Yup :D

...yes I know the game hasn't been out long and I should probably spend more time with it but let's face it: It only has 8 characters, I've beaten the Story mode and spent enough time in online matches to make as good a call as anyone can in the first month. Perhaps a few months from now when the game gets patched and it sees some tournament play, opinions might change. But right now? In it's current state? I don't see my opinion changing much.

Though, again, it was not originally intended as a review so it's not...quite as reviewy as it could be? *shrug* Anyway, if you wanna know how the game is, here's your answer.

Or if it's too long? If you have a PS3 and you like fighters, get the game. If you have a 360, wait until it's patched and then get it unless you REALLY wanna play it NOW.
11th-Apr-2012 12:01 pm - Oh Skullgirls...
Fighting Genesis of Vengeance
So today is the release day of Skullgirls on 360 and wow do I have mixed feelings about THAT game. On one hand I'm happy about it. Someone actually managed to get their fan project to completion resulting in what may well be the best American made fighting game (then again it's competition is...Clayfighter 63 1/3rd Sculptor's Cut) and the best fighter Konami has ever released. The visuals are gorgeous with a great art style (hey! I like it!) and it shows some real promise.

On the other hand I HATE the fans. Why? Because they're mindless drooling idiots who gleefully declared a game they had never played to be the best most perfectly balanced fighter ever made and WOULD NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT EVER. Seriously, fuck them. Not to mention the folks making the game always come off as waaay too damn arrogant in every interview.

But at the same time, they have a reason to be proud and fuck the haters who I hate even more. While the idiots drooling over the game are insufferable, the haters are even worse as they just mindlessly declare it "generic animu bullshit" and whine about it with an air of superiority. "All girl fighter? HA! How lame! Weeaboo central, am I rite?". Yeah, fuck them even harder.

But regardless, the game is here now and I bought the 360 one...


...umm yeah, get it on PS3.

While I had no issues with the PS3 demo, the 360 release appears to have 3 times as long of load times, characters routinely break apart into hitboxes during tag matches, I've had a few small slowdown issues, and exiting from a match to the main menu crashes the game.


Also the game has no in-game movelist (WTF?!) and the way the story mode is handled feels chintzy. Aside from them just cramming in random matches, the fact that both characters and text boxes blink out of existence between lines of dialogue feels really off. Also I think it might be missing some frames of animation but maybe that's just me.

...but on the plus side, it DOES have Bonus-kun! :D

Hopefully this will all be patched quickly as it will be pretty embarassing otherwise. Until then, however, I have another wish-based all-girl fighting tournament to attend.

EDIT: Apparently the bugs are known and a patch is coming. The load times are longer because the 360 has an extra layer of security when opening files. This will be patched. As for the hit boxes, that's a problem with how data is streamed and will also be patched. Good job releasing an unfinished 360 version XD

EDIT EDIT: Okay *SOME* of the crashing was actually me not noticing there was a "Exit Game" option below "Exit to Main Menu". :P
10th-Apr-2012 07:09 am - Updates!
Roper Dance!!!
Woo! Hope you all had a good Easter! Me? I'm overloaded with bunny-based DLC! We got a bunnygirl outfit in League of Legends, bunny ears for Tales of Graces f, bunny ears for Oneechanbara Z Kagura, AND bunnysuits for the new PS3 port of Gal*Gun!

Oh yeah, I grabbed both of those by the way! XD We'll discuss those later.

Anyway! I recently received quite a few compliments on my work and have been slowly plugging away at a new episode (this audio needs so much editing XO). Seriously, 3 in one day. As such I've recently made a point to update the GameBabble blog more frequently. As in almost once a day!

So...you should check it out.

At first I was afraid I'd have a Quantity over Quality issue, but was going to roll with it because honestly that's what gaming sites want. Afterall, the GameBabble blog is supposed to be my big 'ol collected writing sample incase I can actually land a gig. BUT! After actually TRYING to write one thing a day it...really isn't so bad I don't think!

I mean I DEFINITELY have SOMETHING gaming related to say every day! I mean like...serious discussion-wise, not stupid Kotaku-esque "LOL LOOK AT THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO" fluff. Egad, when I was making my "Incoming decrease in quality, sorry?" post I expected to have at least SOME trouble finding good Kotaku fluff examples but NOPE! Here's a BUNCH of articles just...going...HEY GUYS THIS GAME HAD AWESOME MUSIC, REMEMBER?! XD Just wow...

So yeah! I recommend taking a look at that and keeping an eye on it!
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