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Happy Reiko Nagase's Birthday! 
14th-Feb-2013 09:58 pm
Smart Ball
Woah, been a while since I posted here...yeah I've been busy. Mostly, believe it or not, working on that article/episode I talked about LAST time! Having said that, I've been updating the GameBabble blog more frequently:


I hope you all are as excited about Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds as I am!


*ahem* ANYWAY!

Happy Reiko Nagase's Birthday! Obviously Namco hasn't shown any new Ridge Racers recently so it has been mostly quiet but Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires comes out in a few weeks and they just released a character creation demo! As such...

Woo custom Reiko! Apparently you can upload and download other people's characters too so when the full thing hits you all can have her too! As for the outfit? Yeah they don't have a White color and I really wanted her in a sleeveless number.

Well anyway, I'm sick and stuff so I'll just be over here. :P
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