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Gaming with GEL - Kinectathon! 
29th-Jun-2012 05:18 am
Roper Dance!!!
Well I just uploaded FOUR freaking Gaming with GEL chunklets! Why? Because I had the time and energy to play a random smattering of odd Kinect games.


First, I played Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor again. According to GameFAQs, there's a way to make the controls work and so I tried it. The result...was an improvement...I guess.

Then I play Let's Cheer! because people keep asking me about it, thinking it might be the Kinect equivalent of We Cheer. It's not.

Next I indulge in the bane of Angry Joe's existance, Sonic Free Riders! Yeah it's...not bad. Not GREAT, but not bad.
Weird how being one of the better looking Kinect launch titles was actually that poor game's greatest downfall. No, seriously. I think most of the hate it got was from people who played it as their first non-dancing, non-mini-game Kinect title and were not yet aware of the Kinect's limitations.

But Lastly, I play the chromakey-tastic Kung-Fu High Impact, the sequel to "the best Kinect game that's not on Kinect", Kung-Fu Live. It's very Nick Arcade.
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