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Wonder Momo gets a US webcomic? Weird... 
19th-Jun-2012 05:48 am
So I was browsing around the internet and...apparently Namco got themselves their own webcomic hub called ShiftyLook where they post webcomics based on old Namco games. Strangest of all is that one of them is Wonder Momo.

A Wonder Momo webcomic made for America called Wonder Momo: Battle Idol. Why? Why would you do that?! Who the fuck gives a shit about Wonder Momo other than me?! It's generally considered a shit game and disgusts most people that look at it...mostly because they don't get the joke (the entire game is a parody of the Otaku culture).

It's also completely wrong. I'm TRYING to put my finger on how best to DESCRIBE what's wrong with it, but it's definitely wrong. I mean the main character doesn't even have the right name! The issue mostly seems to stem from the fact that they're a bunch of sentai fanboys that managed to COMPLETELY miss the Magical Girl element of Wonder Momo...which is just as important as the sentai element in many ways. It's where the Momo comes from afterall!

It's a bit of a shame too as I was personally thinking of how one would handle a new Wonder Momo game for a while and the plot they have isn't TOO far off from what I was thinking of. Just...they lept into the "Wonder Momo becomes a real heroine" plot waaaaaaaaay too fast without establishing her as an actress. (For the record, I imagined the game as a fusion of the original game and a management simulation. Audition actresses, train them in singing, acting, and fighting, arrange the stage show, then put on the show)

I'll give it time though. I mean, they just started and with a few tweaks they could easily make this more accurate. Just write Momoko off as a different actress doing the same stage show and...well...get to the Wonder Momo stage show as opposed to this Ultrastar Ranger thing.

Or, you know, I could just accept it as an AU. I'd say "like Nuku Nuku Dash", but that would just be MEAN! XD It's not like any other comic on the site is particularly faithful to the source material anyway. Artistic license abnounds.

Besides, the very EXISTENCE of this thing blows my mind it IS an officially licensed Wonder Momo comic and I just think it would be rude of me NOT to read it. I mean I'm PROBABLY the only person that gives a shit! XD ESPECIALLY right now in this time of extreme anti-weeaboo backlash. I DOUBT this will turn into another Adam Warren's Dirty Pair (I will never NOT be mad about that (though I do like Empowered. He does good work.)).

I wonder if they'll remember that Wonder Momo is playing the part of a little girl (the CHARACTER of Wonder Momo comes from "Planet Lolicon". Seriously.). I think is part of the joke. Like when actors in their late 20s play highschoolers on TV. It could probably add to the humor too :P

You can find the webcomic here:

You can watch some of the most BADASS WONDER MOMO ACTION EVER here:

They SERIOUSLY need to give her a real Queen's Gate book (even if I'm not a fan of this particular artist).

What's more...I just found out Wonder Momo appeared in ANOTHER game! Pro-Yakyuu Famista 2011 on the 3DS...along with Reiko Nagase! :D

Speaking of Queen's Blade though...MAI WAIFU IS BACK!

*phew* Was getting worried! With Ymir wielding a bottle of Melona goo, people were speculating that they actually offed her! Good to see she made it...and promptly got revenge on Ymir XD Can't wait to see what new tricks she has up her sleeve as well as her eventual appearance in the new anime.

EDIT: Wow! Melona actually SHOWED UP in the latest Rebellion episode! Didn't expect to see her so soon...and she was secretly in Rebellion THE WHOLE TIME! XD Wow she really IS the animator's favorite, huh?

Also, Suchie-Pai just got added to Queen's Gate. Complete with Kenichi Sonoda art! Fingers crossed Milky Pai follows suit! XD
19th-Jun-2012 07:46 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I read a few days of the Wonder Momo web comic probably last week, and was rather underwhelmed. It just felt wrong. And, honestly not that great/funny either.

As for Nuku Nuku Dash, I could never really accept it. Never made it probably more than a quarter of the way through the series, and I tried a few times. It was just kind of generic and boring, and all around inferior to Nuku Nuku.
19th-Jun-2012 09:47 pm (UTC)
Yup. Exact same feelings here. Hence why I felt the Nuku Nuku Dash comparison would be "rude" XD I'm underwhelmed by Wonder Momo but I'll give it time...and save every webcomic because I have a feeling ShiftyLook isn't gonna last very long. It's a weird idea and it isn't exactly making waves.
20th-Jun-2012 03:30 am (UTC)
Heh, you think that's obscure? There's a Bravoman webcomic, officially licensed by Namco.
20th-Jun-2012 08:33 am (UTC)
Yup. Seems like it's the best of the bunch. But at least Bravoman got a US release!
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