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Wii's Hidden Games

You know, I don't think I've ever seen a console with so many games that just COMPLETELY slip under the radar as the Wii. I mean, just today I was at Best Buy and found this:

$20 boxing game? Sure! Why not! What's crazy though is that this thing isn't listed ANYWHERE! Not only is it not on Metacritic, it's not even on GameFAQs! Yeah.

The game it's self was made by Grand Prix, who made the Wii Victorious Boxers. This is probably built off the same engine. So, while not great it's probably better than at least two other full priced boxing games on Wii: Face Breaker and Ready 2 Rumble (sadly).

What I like is that it has 4 control schemes: Wiimote & Nunchuck motion controls, Wiimote & Nunchuck buttons, Classic Controller, and two Wiimotes with two MotionPluses. Yes. It has MotionPlus support. I don't have my second MotionPlus on me right now so I'll have to report on that later.

Again, it's not great. The default camera angle is a side view yet UP is forward, no d-pad support, even with a back view the camera can get confused, characters have a terrible turning radius making facing more dodge heavy foes difficult, and every single button on the Classic Controller AND THEN SOME is used! Also it's VERY MUCH a button masher.

On the plus side? 4 control schemes, 12 characters with 12 stages, while the stages aren't too well modeled the characters look alright with cel shading black lines and slightly shiny skin. Every characters has an alternate costume that's actually a NEW COSTUME too. Also the music is pretty alright. So yeah, not bad for a $20 game made by like 5 guys.

On a similar note, I found this at GameStop last week:

Yeah, I had NEVER heard of that before! Nice cover art though, so I grabbed it. Yeah, it's another lackluster Star Fish title, but I kinda like it. Basically after Shin Chuuka Taisen/The Monkey King: The Legend Begins, a group in Hong Kong called 'em up and asked them to make a shooter based on their Monkey King comic, Saint.

Anyway pretty generic sub-par side scroller with bland music. However just before the boss of every stage is a back-view segment (HOORAY) and the bosses are handled in a sort of free moving style like Defender or Fantasy Zone. Kinda iinteresting.

Best part is the art. Also if ANYONE knows anything about the comic, lemme know. I'm interested in Unmai, who appears to be Goku's cloud except as a kinda hot, slightly monkey-ish chick. Basically I wanna know if she's SUPPOSED to be a monkey girl or if her ears are just big. She'd make an awesome addition to the Monkey Princess cast.

Also grabbed the Data East collection. Yeah it's the US version of Magical Drop with the non-translation and dumb voices. *shrug* Cheap Magical Drop is cheap. Also it had Wizard Fire on it. LOOKS LIKE VOLOV'S DARK WORK!!! XD

So yeah. The Wii. It has alot of cheap $20 stuff everyone ignores. Me? I'm eyeballing "Glacier 2" (a car combat game) next!
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